Obituary Writing Guide:


Writing an obituary can be difficult but we hope to make the experience a little easier by providing the following instructions to help guide you through the process.


While every obituary is unique, here are some basic guidelines to follow:

1.      The introduction should include the individual's full name, age (if desired), residency, date and location of death.

2.      Next, provide all relevant biographical information, such as date and place of birth, parents, education and employment, memberships and affiliations, as well as any further information regarding residency or relocation.

3.      Then provide the name and location (if desired) for all relevant survivors, including key relatives and friends. This section can include both the living and deceased.

4.      Provide service times and locations as well as contribution information (if desired).

5.      Remember that accuracy is of utmost importance. Please be sure that dates are accurate and names, schools and cities are spelled correctly.

6.      Please Note: We will edit your submitted obituary to ensure that the text contains complete sentences, proper punctuation, and correct spacing. Depending on the number of edits needed, the final price of your obituary may increase or decrease by a minimal amount.